Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Nike Football take it to the next level

Nike, IncorporatedImage via WikipediaDo you like the new Nike football ad?

Take it to the next level.

The story: You are spotted by Arsene Wenger at a non-league fixture after scoring the winning free-kick. Suddenly you are there playing for the team using the Player’s entrance and being involved in the proffessional footballers scene on every level from match to match on the pitch and your personal life.


To get to the next level in football, you need a fine-tuned combination of skill, physical fitness, mental toughness, emotional control, the best products and a bit of luck. This journey is the ultimate roller-coaster ride – it is not quick, pretty or easy and there are plenty of surprises along the way. You see what it takes to get discovered – what it takes to keep improving. You live the ups and downs, the glory and the sacrifice, the fun and insanity a modern footballer experiences on his journey up the ranks of the game.

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